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Discover our Vape Pod with our exclusive full spectrum hemp live resin oil. Calm Formula is a delicate and calibrate interaction between a different number of non-psychoactive cannabinoids with high percentage of CBD and CBG.

All AISE pods are designed to be used only with AISE Vape Pen.


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  • Content

    1 ml ℮ / 0.033 fl oz (150 puffs) Contains a laboratory tested full spectrum organic natural Hemp simplex formulation, extract and terpenes. CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN with a high percentage of CBD and CBG. THC>0.2%

  • How to use

    Carefully insert the AISE Vape Pod into the opening at the top of AISE Vape Pen and slowly tighten the Vape Pod.

  • Suggested Dosage

    Vaping is a mindful experience. So be mindful about you dosage

What our customers are saying about Calm Pod

    Cris H

    24 years old

    “Your carefree way to more well-being!”

    Nicolo C

    31 years old

    “Amazing full experience Vape pen.”

    Graziela G

    44 years old

    "Aise Calm provide immediate relaxation and lower my stress levels when I needs."

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