Find your center

Discover your perfect equilibrium with Balance. Our meticulously crafted blend of non-psychoactive cannabinoids create a harmonious and balanced experience that can help you achieve a sense of inner peace. Our expertly calibrated formula is designed to provide a perfectly balanced and effective product every time, making Balance the ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious and balanced experience.

AISE hemp oil and live resin are crafted from all natural hemp extracts, rigorously non-refined and containing full spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes to ensure the most genuine and effective therapeutic effect. To do so, AISE uses exclusively whole plant compounds, obtained from organic plants, farmed outdoors in our sun-kissed fields around Italy.

Balance is a delicate and calibrated formulation of a different number of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG THCV and CBDV. with a high percentage of CBD and CBC. CBD 50% CBG 10% CBN 5% CBC 10% CBDV 4% Natural Terpenes 15% Other cannabinoids 5% THC 0,2%.

Balance Formula Highlights

CBD (Cannabidiolo)

One of the naturally occurring essential oils extracted from the hemp plant and it works to reduce pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, promote better sleep and increase energy and concentration levels.

CBC (Cannabichromene)

Studies found that CBC may support the body's natural regeneration of nerve cells known as neural stem progenitor cells (NSPCs). NSPCs are essential for the repair of damaged nerve cells and healthy brain function.

Laboratory Tested

AISE hemp oils are certified non-psychoactive and meticulously third-party tested to ensure there is no trace of pesticides or heavy metals.

Research and Development

AISE believes in the yet to be discovered power of the hemp plant. For this reason we regularly commission scientific researches, many in collaboration with European universities, in order to profile the terpenes, and accurately measure the effects on the body.