Organically farmed in Italy

Discovering the Source of AISE Distillates: Italy's Unique Appeal

At AISE, we take immense pride in crafting our premium distillates for our range of products, including vapes and tinctures.
The secret to our exceptional quality lies in the heart of Italy, where we've chosen to establish our hemp farming operations.
Let's delve into why Italy is the ideal source for AISE distillates.

The Terroir Advantage:

Italy's diverse terroir, characterized by varying microclimates and soil types, is a natural wonder for hemp cultivation.
This environmental diversity allows us to produce hemp with distinctive flavors and cannabinoid profiles,

resulting in distillates that are a cut above the rest.

Endless Sunshine:

Italy's sun-soaked landscape provides a crucial ingredient for our distillates.

With abundant sunlight throughout the year, our hemp crops flourish, yielding higher quantities and more potent cannabinoids.
This natural wealth of sunshine enhances the quality of our products.

Agricultural Expertise:

Italy boasts a rich history of agriculture, deeply ingrained in its culture.

Our local expertise in crop cultivation is invaluable, allowing us to maximize yields and maintain the highest standards of hemp production.

Premium Raw Materials:

The foundation of our high-quality distillates starts with the raw materials cultivated in Italian hemp farms.

These carefully nurtured plants form the basis of our distillation process, ensuring the excellence and effectiveness of our products.

Sustainable Farming:

Sustainability is at the core of our operation.

Italy's commitment to environmentally friendly agriculture aligns seamlessly with the principles of hemp farming.

Our eco-conscious approach minimizes water usage and eliminates the need for pesticides, promoting greener practices.

Microclimate Control:

What sets us apart is our utilization of advanced farming glass houses facilities across different regions in Italy.

These cutting-edge facilities grant us precise control over the microclimate, allowing for consistent, year-round cultivation.
This innovation is instrumental in maintaining the high quality of our distillates.

So, when you choose AISE distillates, you're choosing Italy, a land where tradition meets innovation,
where quality meets sustainability, and where natural advantages create the perfect environment

for crafting the best distillates for your products. Our commitment to excellence and the lush fields
of Italy come together to provide you with an unmatched distillation experience.

AISE distillates – a taste of Italy, a touch of excellence.