Scientifically Designed

Introducing Scientifically Designed Formulations

At AISE, our commitment to crafting the most effective formulas begins with an unwavering dedication to scientific excellence.
We embrace a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together the latest research studies, sophisticated analytics,

and invaluable customer data to meticulously curate our exceptional line of products.

The journey starts with the careful selection of premium Italian hemp, cultivated under the sunlit skies of Italy.

The rich and fertile soils, coupled with the region's favorable climate, nurture hemp plants that stand as a

testament to nature's perfection.

Our team of scientists and herbal experts meticulously extract the beneficial compounds from this exceptional hemp,
ensuring that each formulation retains its innate properties.

We delve into the depths of scientific research, continually staying abreast of emerging findings in the field of

cannabinoid science.

This knowledge empowers us to synergize the diverse array of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG, THCV, and CBDV,
in meticulously calibrated proportions. The result is a harmonious fusion of nature's bounty, fine-tuned through scientific insight.

As part of our commitment to delivering uncompromised quality, each of our formulations undergoes rigorous laboratory testing.
This exhaustive process ensures that every drop of our products is a testament to purity, potency, and safety.

Our dedication to transparency means that you can trust in the consistency and reliability of each product that bears

the Aisecircle name.

From carefully designed vapes to precisely calibrated tinctures, our range embodies the essence of Italian hemp in every
inhalation and drop. At AISE, the latest research studies, advanced analytics, and valuable customer insights converge
to create formulations that aren't just products – they're a testament to our unrelenting pursuit of well-being innovation.